Our pediatric dentists will take X-rays during your child’s dental exams to view their teeth and supporting structures in detail. These X-rays help Dr. Derrick Cantu and Dr. Christi Wengler monitor your child’s development and diagnose any problems which may be developing.

What Are Digital X-Rays?

Digital X-rays, also known as dental X-rays or digital radiography, are a type of diagnostic imaging technology. Using digital sensors, they capture images of your child’s teeth and supporting oral structures, making it easy for our pediatric dentists to diagnose problems such as cavities, bone or gum loss, gum disease, tumors or developmental abnormalities. They are also helpful for finding unerupted permanent teeth and mapping tooth root structures prior to orthodontic treatment.

When Are X-Rays Received?

Your child should receive dental X-rays annually as part of their regular exams, or as recommended by our pediatric dentists. Many parents worry about how safe X-rays actually are for their children, and our team here at Pediatric Dentistry of San Antonio is happy to report that digital X-rays are very safe. In fact, digital radiography produces up to 90% less radiation than traditional film X-rays. Your child will be exposed to more radiation by the sun in their day-to-day life than they will be by X-rays.

The imaging process is also quick and comfortable. The captured images are transmitted immediately to a nearby monitor where our pediatric dentists can view them and plan appropriate treatments.

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