While local anesthetics play an important role in helping your child receive treatment comfortably, sometimes the medication can take a long time to wear off. Dr. Derrick Cantu and Dr. Christi Wengler provide reversal anesthetic using OraVerse™ to help your child recover and reduce the length of time they stay numb after treatment.

What is OraVerse?

OraVerse is an innovative technology the reduces the amount of time your child’s mouth feels numb after their treatment. By reversing local anesthetic sooner, your child can return to their regular activities sooner as well as enjoy an easier and more comfortable recovery process. OraVerse is typically available for patients over the age of 6 and can cut the amount of time your child spends numb to at least half of what it would have been otherwise.

Why Choose Reversal Anesthetic?

Children frequently chew on or play with their lips, tongues and mouth while they are numb. As children are numb during these activities, they do not experience any pain and can cause significant damage to the treated area or to other oral structures without being aware. OraVerse reduces the time spent numb, which in turn reduces your child’s chances of accidental injury or the need for additional treatment due to damage caused during the period of time spent numb.

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