Can Babies Get Cavities?

By Dr. Wengler Some parents wonder if it's necessary to brush their baby's teeth. Can babies even get cavities? The answer is yes, they can. Here’s why and how to prevent it. Why Babies Can Get Cavities Cavities are caused by bacteria in the mouth that feed on sugars and carbohydrates left behind after meals. If a baby has a... read more »

Recipe for a Healthy Snacks: Carbohydrate Plus Protein

Most kids need three meals and one to two snacks per day. Planning nutritious snacks can help your child meet their nutritional needs, while also protecting their teeth from cavities. Oftentimes parents will ask me about healthy snack ideas for their kids. For your child’s dental and overall health, I recommend pairing a carbohydrate with a protein. Carbohydrates give quick... read more »

Why Choose Chocolate Over Sticky Candy?

Chocolate is a dentist’s favorite candy, and not just because of the taste :) (in fact, dark chocolate is Dr. Wengler’s treat of choice)! Chocolate is a mix of sugar and fat, so it’s quickly washed off of the teeth. Compare the experience of eating M&Ms versus the experience of eating jelly beans and gummy bears. The chocolate leaves your... read more »