What Can My Teen Do To Get Whiter Teeth?

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Many teenagers wish they had whiter teeth. It’s one of the top five issues that teen patients bring up to me. The good news is that there are several products that can safely and effectively whiten teeth. But first, let’s talk about why teeth may look yellow or dark.

First, most people’s teeth naturally have some color in them besides white. Healthy teeth often look a tiny bit off-white or brown. So first it’s good to have realistic expectations of what healthy teeth look like and know that “Hollywood smiles” usually have had some cosmetic help.

Dental plaque can be yellow or orange, so the first step to a white smile is good brushing and flossing. Professional cleanings every six months are also key.

Teeth can also pick up stains from everyday food, drinks and habits. Beverages that are most likely to stain are coffee, tea and dark sodas. Drinking through a straw and sipping some water afterward can help minimize staining. Even healthy foods that are highly pigmented, like tomato sauce and blueberries, can also cause staining. So can habits such as smoking, using chewing tobacco and vaping.

Now on to the good news. Several over-the-counter products can help. Whitening toothpaste has gentle abrasives to help remove surface stains and make teeth look a little whiter. For more significant results, I recommend over-the-counter whitening strips. The strips have peroxide to help break down dark-colored molecules in the tooth enamel. One great example is Crest 3D Whitestrips. (Not a sponsored post, I just really like the product!) If you follow the directions on the box, whitening strips work. They are also safe to use for kids 13 and up! So for teens and adults who want whiter teeth, try whitening toothpaste and Whitestrips. You will likely be as pleased as we are with the results!

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