What Is Silver Diamine Fluoride?

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Silver diamine fluoride (SDF) is a liquid that is painlessly painted onto cavities to help prevent the cavities from progressing. It is so quick and easy to apply that it can even be used on toddlers. Best of all, it doesn’t require numbing or drilling.

SDF is a great option for young children or other patients who can’t tolerate conventional dental treatment. It’s also a great way to treat very small cavities so they don’t get bigger. Sometimes when we catch very small cavities early and put on SDF, they don’t need fillings or other treatments later. Oftentimes we’ll use silver diamine fluoride to prevent a young child from going through general anesthesia (going completely asleep).

SDF does have a few side effects. The first one is a metallic, bitter taste that lasts for a few minutes. The other side effect of SDF is black staining of the cavity. When the cavity is on a back tooth, it’s often not very noticeable. When the cavity is on a front tooth, the black stain is often very noticeable. Some parents still prefer the black staining on a front tooth if it means their child doesn’t need numbing and drilling.

Do you want to find out if SDF is an option for your child? Bring your child in for an appointment and let’s discuss their options based on their needs. Here’s a link to more information, including before and after photos. Silver Diamine Fluoride.

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If you’re exploring options to address cavities with minimal discomfort, SDF might be the solution you’re looking for. Scheduling an appointment with our Pediatric Dentistry team in San Antonio, Texas to discuss the suitability of SDF for your child’s dental needs is a step towards a healthier, happier smile without the anxiety traditionally associated with dental care. Our skilled dentists, Dr. Derrick Cantu and Dr. Christi Wengler are always here for your child’s growing smile! You can reach us at 210-680-7841.